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Buy handmade Wooden Toys from Oliver Thomas Children's Boutique shipping worldwide!

Wooden Toys (UK) was established in the Czech Republic and England, UK in 1994 as a trading company, buying agency and production house for Czech wooden toys. 
They are a family run, hands on business, that has specialised in all aspects of the quality traditional toys and kids games business for over ten years. 
All products (including paints) are thoroughly tested and certified in laboratories and in house by their own 3 children, friends and families. They are completely child-safe, strong and fun; remembered with fondness by grandparents, adults and children alike as they are passed down over the years. Some have been produced in Czech since the 1920’s and are hard to find. 
Wooden Toys monitor toy safety and ecology, try to promote the educational values of our Czech toys, wood crafts and puzzles and contribute towards the well being and betterment of the disabled and people with disabilities.